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 Top Gear Car Test: Italian V12 Supercars

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PostSubject: Top Gear Car Test: Italian V12 Supercars   Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:57 pm

As you can see we've done a test between 4 Italian super cars. They all have a V12, more than 550 BHP and a miles per gallon usage of a Boeing 747.

First we have the Pagani Zonda. This new super car is powered by the fabulous 7.3L V12 from Mercedes-Benz. And before they whipped it in the back they had some men with AMG on their jackets fiddle with it. Now it boosts out 550BHP and 750NM of torque. To keep this violence on the road it has rear tires with the size of Texas.

The Ferrari Enzo. 399 sold and the last one given to the Pope. A Formula 1 car for the road. Shifting takes only 150 milliseconds due to the F1 techniques. Normally a car has spoilers for down-force, on the car, this one has them under the car. A flat bodemplate for better air-flow under the car. It actually sucks itself to the ground because of the diffuser at the rear. With his 6.0 liter V12 it punches out 660BHP and 657NM of torque.

The Maserati MC12 is actually a Ferrari Enzo. It has the same engine, gearbox and chassis. They gave it a even better aerodynamic body with a longer nose and a big spoiler on the back. Because of the lack off a rear window this all together makes it feel like its bigger then the Capt. Kirk's Enterprise. Although in basis the engine is the same as the Enzo's, it develops 630BHP and 650NM.

As last we have the Lamborghini Miura (concept). Not sure if this car should be here but the Murcielago is no match for the other 3. The Miura is very likely to go in production, when it does it will probably have a 6.5L 700BHP V12. They'll make 400 Miura's and all will have the same "bleached-vomit-yellow" color, which is hideous! But whatever.

A3jan had the Miura, Terr0r5314NL had the Enzo, VoodooLarry drove the MC12 an BMWFreakieNL the Zonda.
First up: A Drag-Race. The Miura, 4-WD, was the fastest off the line and because he has the most BHP it was the fastest in a straight line closely followed by the Enzo and The MC12, who were neck-on-neck and sadly the Zonda just didn't had the power for it.

Then we each did 2 Laps around the course(All testing is on Silverstone - Grand Prix) and although it missed the straight line power, the Zonda posted the fastest lap time:
Zonda : 1.51.034
MC12 : 1.51.412
Enzo : 1.51.959
Miura : 1.52.072

Then a braking test.
We all accelarate up to 100km/h or 60mil/h in a straight line and brake on the same location. Here are the results:
1st - Zonda
2nd - MC12
3rd - Enzo
4th - Miura
The reason why the Zonda is the fastest stopper is probably because of his lower weight then the others.

We also chose the Zonda as most beautiful car and the car that we would buy because off his looks, handling and price tag.

The best sound was for the Ferrari Enzo that has a nice deep V12 growl and in the top RPM the classic Ferrari scream.

Zonda - 241,000
Enzo - 250,000
MC12 - 250,000
Miura - 199,000

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Top Gear Car Test: Italian V12 Supercars
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